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BIO-Alexander Sepulveda

My journey to a fulfilling Health & Fitness career has been both a challenging and

rewarding one of self-discovery and growth. It started in my youth, progressed

through my formative years and into adulthood. Today, the journey continues.

Sports have been an integral part of my life since I was a young participant and

competitor. Basketball, Baseball, Karate, Boxing and Weight Training were my

primary focus and where I excelled. Highlights of my competitive years include:

· Baseball, UMass Boston – Division 1, 1999-2003

· Kenpo Karate - Black Belt National Champion, 1997 & 1998

· Kenpo Karate - Black Belt Regional Champion, 1997-2004, & 2015

· 2 nd  Degree Black Belt, 2015

· IKKA Full Register, 2015

· Shorin-Ryu Karate – Brown Belt Champion, 1994 & 1995

· Boxing – Golden Glove Champion, 2000 & 2001

My fitness journey took a detour in 2004 when several close family members and

coaches passed away. Bottling up the devastating losses led to anxiety and

depression. I was feeling stuck and as if there was NO Way Out! Food, alcohol and

drugs were where I found comfort and how I coped. This destructive behavior hit

my health hard. Gaining over 100lbs resulted in high blood pressure and high

cholesterol. I was slowly killing myself.

August 3, 2009, the day my beautiful son was born, was when it all changed.

Holding Alex Jr. in my arms and seeing his eyes looking up at me, made me realize I

wanted my son to not just look at me but to look up to me. My purpose, my pride,

my joy, Alex Jr. changed my life.

Around this time a mentor pulled me aside and said, “Without risk, there are no

rewards; without passion, there are no results.” – my motto and how I now live my


Thus, from the depths of self-destruction, I came to realize that I could turn my life

around towards a positive and healthy one. The challenge was at 260lbs how to lose

the 100lbs I had gained. Through nutritional changes, regular and consistent works,

meditation, as well as lots of determination, I accomplished my goal in under one


During my transformation I realized I have a love and passion for helping others

achieve their fitness, athletic and nutritional goals. I am blessed to have this

opportunity to help people become stronger, leaner, faster and more confident.

Health and fitness saved my life and now I show my clients how they can live a

better and healthier life. My education and knowledge obtained over the years have

been the groundwork of my success. I continue to learn and grow and have become

a well-rounded Personal Trainer & Coach. My credentials include:


· UMass Boston




· IKKA (International Kenpo Karate Academies)


· NSCA-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

· CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

· CSPS (Certified Special Population Specialist)

· Kenpo Karate Register instructor 

· Kenpo Karate 2ndDegree Black Belt

· TRX Instructor Level 1 & 2

· USA Weightlifting SPC Level 1 (Sport Performance Coach)

· USA Safe Sport

· USA Football


· USA Boxing Coach, Level II

· USA Boxing Official, Level I

· USA Boxing National Coach – New England National Team, 2016-2019

· USA Boxing Coach of the Year, 2019

· Registered Boxing Manager, 2018-Present

· Registered Boxing Promoter, 2018-Present

· Registered PRO-Boxing Trainer, 2018-Present

· Registered Cutman, 2019-Present 

Merits / Recognition

· Best Business Excellence Award for - Gym of The Year, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 

· Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce – Business Rookie Of The Year, 2016

· Small Business Excellence Award For – Best Strength & Conditioning Gym, 2015

· Best Of The North Shore - Trainer Of The Year, 2012

· LUX Magazine – Fitness Spas Of The Year – 2017

· Readers Choice Awards – Gym Of The Year – 2018

· Lynn, MA City Hall – Certificate Of Recognition for National & Olympic Boxing Program – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

· Boston, Ma State House – Certificate Of Recognition For Olympic & National Boxing Program - 2016

Many people including explorers such as Ponce de Leon have been searching for the

elusive Fountain of Youth. All have failed because the real fountain of youth is right

in front of us – the right lifestyle, clean eating, and regular physical activity.

Let’s embrace this healthy lifestyle together. It transformed my life and can do the

same for you!

One Body – One Life – One Chance


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